Programs and Activities


Our programs and activities are specifically tailored for our clients to offer them a place to gather, interact, and socialize in a secure, fun setting. Check out our monthly calendar and newsletter to learn more about what we’re doing in our program!

Arts and Crafts

Let your inner artist soar!

We offer a variety of arts programs, including: ceramic painting, sewing, wood painting, and other crafts. The crafts made in our program are sold at our annual Craft Sale!


It’s all fun and games!

Our clients enjoy a variety of card games such as euchre, solo and cribbage. We also play various board games and physical games to keep you entertained and busy like:  bingo, table top shuffle board, crokinole, trivia, scrabble, skippbo, and many more!  

Two clients playing crokinole

Music and Dancing

Your toes will be tapping and your hands will be clapping!

Enjoy your morning coffee on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Mel on the guitar, or sing-along to piano tunes on Thursday and Friday with Susan and Ruth!  

Daily Meals

Delicious and Nutritious!

Enjoy a hot lunch with friends! Choices range from soup and sandwich to a full course meal prepared by Sunnyside Home’s dietary staff. We can accommodate many special dietary needs including diabetic friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, or ground/pureed. 

Special Events and Parties

We love a good party!

In addition to holiday parties, we offer themed days (such as animal day) and birthday celebrations!

Special Services

We take care of you!

We regularly feature special programs and services to help meet the needs of our clients such as falls prevention education, flu-shot clinics, foot-care clinics, and hearing clinics. Hairdressing services and Wellness Centre are also available through Sunnyside Senior Services.